IT’S all there. The palpable uncertainty, the menagerie of nerves, the temporary feeling of weightlessness when you cast aside your inhibitions and lay your feelings bare. Over the course of 4 exhilarating minutes, Paisley’s D R I F T engender one of life’s most multi-faceted emotions on new single ‘Edge Of Love.’

Set against a fluid, mesmeric backdrop of synths and slow-burning electronica, the ambience that we’ve grown accustomed to from the duo’s material is not only present and correct but taken to a new plateau. Poignant in its execution, Linzi Clark’s soaring clarion calls are made all the more affecting by Andrew Quinn’s cloying backing vocals. Glittering and resplendent in ideas that have room to be explored even further in the future, the future is blindingly bright for this outfit and we’re excited to watch it all unfold.

Listen to the new track on Spotify below now: