RECRUITING none other than Baby Strange frontman Johnny Madden on production duties, Glasgow singer-songwriter David Milne makes a charming first impression on his debut track ‘I Don’t Want To Do This Anymore’.

Already a familiar face to many around Glasgow’s bustling live music scene, Milne puts raw talent to the test with his first foray into recorded material; reminding us that music does not have to be complex or overthought to have a lasting impact on the listener.

Marrying a lo-fi production with the classic pop sensibilities of The Beatles, the track exudes a warm familiarity and sunny nostalgia in its jangly melodies and charmed vocals. More than a sum of his influences however, there lies an innate skill for songcraft that can is suggestive of an exciting future ahead. Wistful yet hopeful in its romantic lyrcism, it’s a perfect accompaniment to these increasingly sunny days.

Check it out below.