SOUTH London’s burgeoning punk rock scene has attracted all sorts of attention in recent months; the likes of Goat Girl, Shame and HMLTD leading a line of promising young bands to emerge from the city with a refreshing perspective and something important to say through their music. Dead Pretties are the latest product of this DIY movement; regulars on the live circuit alongside their contemporaries and subsequently gaining notoriety for their raucous performances.

‘Social Experiment’ is their debut single, due for release on 10th February on brand new label Nice Swan Records, and it captures all of this unbridled energy in emphatic style. Loud, brash and completely infectious, it is a fiery introduction to the three-piece that will not go unnoticed; Jacob Slater’s rasping vocals coming to life on a thrashing chorus full of grungy guitars and relentless percussion.

Fuelled by their disillusionment with contemporary culture, it’s a song that would undoubtedly elicit chaos when performed live. Discussing the influence behind the track, the band have said: “It seems people of a similar age to us are so focused on becoming what others want them to be, they distort their own identity in order to be accepted into the herd; the pack. We are a generation of sheep. It’s fucking sad.”

Check it out below: