IN a huge weekend for Scottish music, one of Glasgow’s finest up and coming bands Declan Welsh & the Decadent West have expanded their increasingly impressive and varied repertoire with the release of a brand new track called ‘Shiny Toys’.

Revealing on Twitter that the song “is a wee fictional story about two childhood friends born into different lives who drift apart” and “about being a wee guy mostly”, Welsh is effortlessly cool over the steady verses, punctuated by stalking rhythms; oozing a bold and confident swagger as he ruminates over an old friendship before delivering yet another clearly defined, formidable chorus. A swirling headrush of a finale ensues as an onslaught of crashing drums, heavy riffs and scorching guitar lines see the track out in style.

From the direct, unapologetic political commentary of ‘No Pasaran’ and ‘Nazi Boys’ to the lovelorn slow mover ‘Useless’, this post-punk inflected slice of indie-rock is the latest exciting instalment in Welsh’s eclectic songbook. In fact, it feels like his distinctive vocal and insightful lyricism could lend themselves to any musical style right now and it would work; such is the daring confidence with which he approaches his work.

Importantly though, it is evident now more than ever that the outfit are creating some of their most inspired material to date. And while they may dip in and out of different influences, there now appears to be a distinctive Declan Welsh & the Decadent West sound and identity; one that is carving out its own niche in Scotland’s diverse musical landscape.

The four-piece have secured a sought-after place at this year’s Great Escape in Brighton this May. Before then though, they will play a showcase event for the festival at The Old Blue Last in London on Wednesday 28th February alongside Rascalton and LUCIA.