NEARLY a year to the day that they unveiled their ‘We Wish You All The Best’ EP, Declan Welsh & the Decadent West are back with a new six-track collection, aptly named ‘It’s Been A Year’.

Those who have heard recent singles’Talking To Myself’ ‘Another One’ and ‘Parisian Friends’ will have noticed the growing maturity in the band’s songwriting and the EP reinforces this tenfold.

Exploring a number of themes, they most noticably turn the finger inwards more than before – exploring  feelings of uncertainty, isolation and a need for togetherness. This sentimental tone of nostalgia and contemplation lends itself to the music as well – yes, that high-octane punk spirit is still there but the production feels more lush and melodic.

From the hushed and romantic ‘Off At One’ to the fast-paced Arctic Monkeys-esque ‘Parisian Friends’ to the reverb-soaked, lyrical brilliance of ‘Vladimir’ to the brooding, reflective ‘Another One’, these songs can be ranked among some of the band’s best.

Listen below.

Photo credit: Sedona May