averting the hazards of the dreaded ‘sophomore slump’ with this year’s Born Under Saturn, Edinburgh’s Django Django have kept their rabid fanbase onside as they continue along their incredibly diverse and experimental musical journey. 

A remnant from the sessions which spawned their new album, the band have revealed ‘Hold The Line’, the B-side to upcoming single ‘Shake & Tremble.’

A frenzied number which sets a pulse racing pace from its first moments, ‘Hold The Line’ is brimming with innovative art pop instrumentation, splendorous vocals and some of the most infectious hooks that they’ve brought to the table yet. With formidable stabs of guitar and a boatload of soaring harmonies, there won’t be a Django Django fan on earth that won’t enjoy this ‘outtake’ just as much as anything on their second LP.

Listen to the track below: