AS if in perfect time for Halloween, Dream Wife have shared their heaviest and most bloodthirsty song to date in the form of ‘FUU’.

Interestingly, there has always been that potential threat for chaos in the band’s material up until now; their scuzzy glam pop tunes often delivered with bite or laced with the undercurrents of a joke that you’re not quite in on. It’s a feeling that stems from the sugar-frosted performance from lead singer Rakel Mjoll, often so deceptively sweet in her vocal delivery yet with the ability to turn on you in a flash.

That’s exactly what happens in this reworking of ‘FUU’ as the trio are fully let off the leash; hell bent and thirsting for blood. Mjoll repeatedly sings ‘I’m gonna fuck you up, I’m gonna cut you up, I’m gonna fuck you up’ over a clatter of heavy guitars in one of the most confrontational and direct track openings you’ll hear all year. Strangely though, no matter how sinister and deranged they sound as the track progresses, the lyrics become almost mantra-like, enticing you to shout along at the top of your voice. The inclusion of perhaps the most unlikely yet brilliant Spice Girls breakdown you’ll hear in some time, along with an appearance from Icelandic rapper Fever Dream, reinforces the anthemic cult-like appeal of the track.