PROPONENTS of electronic pop music with an apocalyptic edge, London’s Drones Club are a group with a clear manifesto and it’s serving them very well. Inspiring cult-like devotion among fans that find themselves lured down their sonically rewarded rabbit hole, the collective are primed to play our own Tenement Trail in September and it’s a foregone conclusion that they’ll gather new fans to add to their flock.

Premiered on Huw Stephen’s Radio 1 show, the Tottenham-based group have delivered the fantastic ‘International.’

Filled with intrusive, prodding synth lines that wrap themselves around your brain and cause you to surrender to their power, their latest offering is Drones Club at their laser focused and antagonistic best and points towards a continuation of their auditory exploration. Uniformed in a manner that mirrors their near militaristic devotion but not afraid to divulge their underlying emotions, it’s a piece of work that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Check out the track below and pick up a ticket for this year’s Tenement Trail on the 30th September here.