BACKED by an army of fans that has now grown far beyond the reaches of their hometown, it’s no surprise that a tangible, all-consuming buzz seems to precede every new release from The Dunts.

From a sold-out headline show at Stereo earlier this year to two-packed out gigs at SXSW, the band’s meteoric rise has continued with force into 2019. Now looking ahead to a massive slot at TRNSMT aswell as a litany of other summer shows, the four-piece are throwing themselves into festival season with the same pile-driving ambition and unassailable drive that has propelled them to where they are today.

Opening their account for the year and set to conjure waves of excitement among their fervently enthusiastic fanbase, ‘Bad Decisions’ is another rollicking punk assault to add to their increasingly impressive catalogue. A formidable display of scything riffs and pummelling rhythms, the barrages of blistering guitar are offset by brief moments of melodic tenderness before they launch into another rambunctious chorus.

Full of the vivacious spirit and untamed vitality that has defined all of their previous work, the band’s tendency for lyrical introspection is also very much present and correct as they reflect on the after-effects of a hedonistic night-out; the kind that sees frivolity turn into paranoia and anxiety in a matter of hours. It’s a subject that will feel incredibly relatable to the pleasure-seekers inside us all.

Recorded at 7-West Studio and produced by the band’s frequent collaborators Chris Marshall and Johnny Madden, check out ‘Bad Decisions’ below.