AFTER a prolific 2020 that saw him unveil his seven-track debut EP ‘The Storm’, Scottish musician Dylan Fraser is back with a tender new ballad ‘Gucci Sweater’.

Fraser has shown himself to be incredible diverse in his musical output thus far, incorporating dark brooding pop, hip-hop, maximalist electro-pop and even folk references in his all-consuming pop sound. Pairing this up with themes of introspection, determination and self-validation, it all makes for a very invigorating concoction.

His latest track ‘Gucci Sweater’ sees him strip things back though. Another turn for his eclectic catalogue, Fraser sings against gently picked acoustic melodies in a quiet moment of reflection. However, the track then picks up as in final burst of catharsis it is injected with a hit of propulsive beats and layered harmonies.

Check out the emotional track below.