c4a4a7d0THE BAND: Regularly cited as the most talented MC to emerge from the revolutionary Odd Future collective, Earl Sweatshirt has been relatively silent following the release of 2013’s Doris. With his full length return to the fray set to be released next week, the LA native has released the dense and melancholic ‘Grief.’

THE SOUND: Buoyed by an avant garde beat reminiscent of the jazz-influenced production of Flying Lotus, ‘Grief’ serves as a disconcerting look into Earl’s warped psyche. A collection of non linear thoughts and musings held together by his infamous flow, the track sees him rapping as though he’s in a substance-induced stupor during its latter stages.

THE VIDEO: Drained of colour and filmed with a negative filter, its accompanying visuals are equally dark and contemplative. Veering from a depressing depiction of everyday life to a satanic drum circle, the video correlates seamlessly with such a downtrodden excerpt from his sophomore release.

THE LOWDOWN: Following an error from his label, the release date for Earl’s new LP I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside has been revealed as 24th March 2015 and it will be available via Sony Music.