INDIE POP songwriter Eaves Wilder has shared a brand new single to coincide with her signing to Secret Canadian.

Marking her first release in 18 months, Wilder kicks off her new era with ‘I Stole Your Jumper’ – a song she describes as a ‘very British and passive aggressive revenge fantasy’.

Having previously recorded everything in her London bedroom, her first studio recording builds slowly and powerfully – her inviting vocals set against crunching guitars and scuzzy indie-rock influences as she looks to asset herself after a break-up. Taking her early promise to a whole new level, it’s an inspired return.

“The new song is me allowing myself to tap into my own female rage for the first time,” says Wilder. “But in my own way – no blowing people up Thelma & Louise style. It’s a very British and passive-aggressive revenge fantasy. The video shows me getaway driving in a convertible, hair flying in the wind. But instead of riding off a cliff, I just sat on a toilet and sang, which is what I think Thelma and Louise should have done. Would have saved a lot of hassle.”

Photo by Dora Paphides