AFTER introducing herself with the striking ‘Perfumed By You’ not too long ago, Emma Bradley has returned with an equally entrancing new single called ‘Malibu’.

Written as a note of appreciation to her best friend, Bradley’s delicate vocals float over the ghostly instrumental. It’s almost transcendent in delivery – a twinkling piano melody is accompanied by gorgeous layers of vocal before the song drifts away with waves lapping the shore.

The songwriter comments: “‘Malibu’ is about my best friend, who is like a sister to me and means everything to me. It’s an ode to our friendship! I remember reading something that said ‘platonic love saves lives’ and it really resonated with me. I don’t think there are enough songs written about platonic love and how important / special it is.”

“I wrote it at the beginning of lockdown when I couldn’t see her (or anyone for that matter). It’s super nostalgic as it reminisces on a day we spent in Malibu a couple of years ago, which is one of my favourite days of all time. The song is less about the place and more about the feeling and mindset we were in on that day, and wanting to tap back into that headspace – a moment of bliss and peace whilst in a time of uncertainty and solitude. ‘Malibu’ is my favourite thing I’ve written just because it means so much to me.”

Listen below.

Picture credit: Jordan Hardy