emma pollock

EMMA Pollock has been unusually quiet in the past few years, with her solo album being released over five years ago. The singer-songwriter, of The Delgados fame, has unveiled her new single ‘Parks and Recreation’, which is set for release on January 22nd.

It’s the sort of track everybody is hoping from Pollock – with a vicious sounding main riff that is cooled by the flowery pre-chorus, and splendid, forthright lyricism (“I came down for a game of basketball, but you threw me a punch instead”) that reminisces her upbringing. ‘Parks and Recreation’ is the return to form that every Emma Pollock fan was expecting, all because of her several years of involvement in the music industry.

Pollock will release her third album In Search of Harperfield a week after the single release on 29th January 2016. Listen to the track below: