SOUTH London’s ENNY has shared a new single called ‘Same Old’.

After ending 2020 on a high with ‘Peng Black Girls’, the rapper/singer is building up to the release of a debut EP and new offering ‘Same Old’ is lighting the way.

Marrying a soulful R&B sound to her hard-hitting verses, ENNY is as incisive as ever, taking aim at gentrification, Brexit, the monotonous and petty irritations of daily life. Without ever surrendering to the darkness though, it’s ultimately about moving forward and getting beyond those obstacles.

It’s an absolutely essential listen.

ENNY said of the track ““There are so many beautiful moments and feelings attached to this track from the moment it was created,” she explains, “and I hope that anyone that listens to it is able to experience that energy when they hear it.”

Listen below.