had a rather nomadic musical career which has seen his services enlisted by bands ranging from The Wellgreen and BMX Bandits to Linden and Euros Childs, Marco Rea has finally decided to branch out on his own and produce the material that he wishes to make; unblemished or hindered by the influence of others.

Conceived during a stay in Cerasoulo, a remote village in Italy with a minuet population of less than 200 people, Rea poured his heart and soul out into his work and returned with Wallpaper Music; his debut solo album and one which has frequently garnered him lofty comparisons to some of the industry’s foremost singer/songwriters.

Released via Scottish independent label The Barne Society, we’re delighted to premiere the video for ‘Time’, one of the finest cuts from his debut record and one which is sure to help him accrue the attention of those searching for beautifully rendered songwriting.

Steeped in the tradition of Lennon/McCartney, ‘Time’ is a forlorn yet nonetheless gripping track, focusing upon gorgeous melodies, jaunty piano and sparse percussion. Similar in tone to Canada’s Tobias Jesso Jr; another artist who toiled in a variety of bands before eventually setting out on his own, ‘Time’ is a track which exemplifies Rea’s acute songwriting ability and is an excellent introduction to those who haven’t yet fell for his immensely charming music.

Marco’s Wallpaper Music is available now via the Barne Society’s bandcamp.

Check out its minimalistic yet stunning video shot by Ian Mutch below: