fatherson sxsw
inked a major label deal with Sony/Easy Life in June of this year, the public perception has always been that 2016 is going to be a momentous year for Fatherson.

A band that is often touted as being one of Scotland’s biggest exports going forward and a group that could follow in the footsteps of Biffy Clyro and Twin Atlantic, the coming year looks as though it may well be their breakout period.

Set to release their new LP in the opening months of 2016, they’ve released their new video for the emphatic and deeply rousing ‘Always.’

A track which provides us with the first taste of what to expect from their label debut, ‘Always’ is a heavy, assaulting affair which ensures that they’ve got your full attention; precisely what a band on the ascendancy should be looking to do. Recalling Brand New on account of the poignancy and sincerity which radiates through both the track’s instrumentation and lyricism, they’ve firmly exhibited their knowledge of the prevailing structure of pop music yet remained resiliently powerful.

Its accompanying video is effective in its relative simplicity, featuring little more than the band tearing their way through the track as couples dance joyously around them. Whilst things may seem rosy at the outset, the video shoot slowly begins to descend into absolute chaos.