BEGINNING life as a low-key bedroom project before being renovated and reimagined as a fully fledged band, Glasgow’s Fauves have been their campaign to seize hold of your attention in earnest with a series of enticingly original tracks.

Steadily making a name for themselves amid the ever-shifting landscape that is Scotland’s modern day scene, the group may be in their infancy but they harbour massive amounts of potential in both songwriting and execution.

As opposed to carrying on within the confines of a home set-up, Ryan Caldwell and co took it upon themselves to decamp to a proper studio and the end product was the shimmering ‘Hit Like This.’

Bustling with the sort of restless energy that can only be elicited from a band with an exciting road ahead, their first foray into recording music as a band is a sleek  number that lies somewhere between the exotic sounds of Australia’s finest psychedelic bands and the exquisite balladry of Whitney. Led by a wonderfully unorthodox bassline that Thundercat would approve of , the band’s knack for constructing catchy indie-pop music whilst adhering to their own set of rules is to be admired and is sure to inspire a great deal of excitement as they continue to make their presence felt.

A perfect extension of the breezy atmosphere and idyllic nature, the newly released video for the track finds the band frolicking in their own cubist utopia and gives a welcome insight into the band’s joyfully unfettered persona. Clad in matching boiler suits and featuring a star-making turn from a shark on backing vocals, this is a collective that are exacting in their vision from planning to execution and it makes for very heartening viewing.

Fauves will play our very own Tenement Trail on the 30th September with tickets available now via Ticketmaster.