FAUVES dig out their snazziest pair of flares and jump straight into the shimmering world of disco on their brand new track ‘Spaced Out Face’.

The latest chapter of their ever-evolving sonic journey opens with a chime of guitars and flute before leading us onto the dancefloor with a welcome burst of 70s-indebted funk. It’s the kind of glitzy escapism we all need at the moment with wistful verses that lead into fervently upbeat choruses, full of the danceable energy that Fauves can seemingly throw up at will.

As with all Fauves tunes, the sheer volume of ideas and twists and turns that they manage to consolidate into the track’s runtime is testament to their inventiveness; enchanting flute melodies and saxophone trills are peppered throughout while Ryan Caldwell breaks into his lower register around the midpoint.

Conjuring images of light-up dancefloors and shimmering disco balls, ‘Spaced Out Face’ is a track that finds escapism in dance and we’re absolutely here for it.

They comment “it’s a song about unintentional daydreaming and escaping from reality even when surrounded by the most mundane settings”

“We’ve tried to channel our fave 70s funk like The Isley Brothers and mix it with some dramatic ABBA and ELO inspired string arrangements, as well as newer acts we love like Parcels. Metronomy. Thematically, it’s our way of letting loose, it details a rough time in all of our lives, and we hope it makes you wanna boogie and find some catharsis in dance, be that in a kitchen or in a club”

Listen below.