FAUVES have unveiled stunning new visuals to accompany their most recent single ‘Wither Away’.

Written back in the summer of 2017 in their very formative stages as a band, their decision to revisit the track and freshen it up has gone down a storm with fans. Much like ‘Bathe’ which they released back in March, the band opt for a more organic instrumental this time around, shedding the synth-heavy approach of last year’s material in favour of a more acoustic sound – thus making it a natural successor to the sprawling seven-minute epic.

We said after its release: “With noodling guitar lines, dreamy harmonies and waves of hypnotising psychedelia, it’s another triumph from the group which features one of Ryan Caldwell’s strongest vocal performance to date, shifting from his signature whimsical warble to a more earthy growl at points.”

Known to put as much thought and effort into their music as their visual accompaniments, the band have unveiled a live performance of the track. Shot by Humble Film Productions and produced by Jamie Holmes onsite at 7 West Studios in February 2020, the clip is a mesmerising affair – all 80s dreamy aesthetics with sparkling animation from Gianluca Bernacchi. Dubbed The Orlando Sessions, the band are set to unveil more clips of the same ilk in the coming weeks and months.

Check it out below.