MEET Femes: the fiercely talent multi-instrumentalist and alter-ego of London-based songwriter Elina Lin.

With a strong pedigree already behind her, Lin is ready to build on the strong foundations put in place by last year’s debut solo EP ‘A Shadow of Dreams’ and continue to carve out her own singular path with the release of her new single ‘Dream State’.

The singer-songwriter has earned her stripes in recent years. Born and raised in a remote town in Finland, she spent her formative years as a musician in Glasgow as a member of The Ninth Wave, before joining Sundara Karma and Courteeners. Having spent years touring extensively over the UK, her versatility knows no bounds, however, she is now carving out her own sound – one informed by her own love of eighties new wave, alternative and dark Swedish pop and electronic music. It’s an addictive and mesmerising concoction that feels beautifully balanced and uniquely her own.

‘Dream State’ marks her first release of the year, and it’s perhaps her biggest statement to date. Backed by a rippling beat and warm electronic textures, it’s an addictive and emotive piece of ethereal dream pop that instantly pulls on the heartstrings. As underlying feelings of hope and optimism burst to the surface on the soaring choruses, it’s the sound of a new beginning; a fresh chapter.

She says “Dream State is a song of hope among all the things that are making us feel stressed and anxious in our everyday lives. We write the songs we need, and I found myself having this conversation of feeling exhausted and burned out by the end of last year. Everyone around me was echoing that feeling back to me. But the light that was shining through the cracks was these moments of joy and release brought by laughing, dancing and being present with the people I was around. I needed to express that and in a writing session soon after Dream State poured out of me. I collaborated with my friend and producer GRAY and we wanted the song to be something people can dance to and to access the joy from within.”

Check it out below.