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WITH a new EP titled ‘Wading’ on the way, Luxembourg-based duo Francis of Delirium have given us another preview with ‘Red’.

Striking in its urgency, the band’s last track ‘Let It All Go’ featured in one of our New Music Radars as one of our best songs of the week and they’re channelling all of that hypnotic energy once again in ‘Red’.

“Red is the pushing away of someone and justifying it with your anger rather than rationally discussing your feelings. It’s believing something you thought to be true and then that being switched. It’s the loss of trust in a relationship,” the band’s Jana Bahrich said in a statement.

“You’re left angry and confused, unsure of yourself, or who to trust. Instead of communicating effectively, you start to push away, preemptively moving into isolation as a defence mechanism to stop yourself from more hurt. Simultaneously the song challenges the goodness I see in myself, as a good friend, someone filled with love is gone, which distances you from this idea of yourself even further. So you’re pushing away someone else and pushing away a version of yourself you enjoy.”

Check out the track below.