FRANZ Ferdinand have debuted a new single called ‘Curious’.

The band are set to release their 20-song greatest hits ‘Hits To The Head’ on 11th March, which will also include some new songs. ‘Billie Goodbye’ arrived at the tail end of last year, while now we’re being treated to this funky, danceable new number ‘Curious’.

Speaking about the song, Alex Kapranos said “What’s the meaning behind the song? A meet-cute on the first page as tension enters left on a dark stage, but as our stars collide I’m curious: will you want me when you’ve got me? I’m a future seeker. Are we the future? I’m curious. I had this idea for the lyric — kind of the reverse of one of those life-flashing-before-your mind as you die in a film scene, where the entire course of a relationship flashes before you the instant you fall in love with someone. ”

They also try their hand at choreography in the new video. Kapranos added “So, it’s a dance song we said later on when thinking about a video. And we’ve always said we play dance music said Bob, so why don’t we dance in the video? So we gave Andy Knowles, our old pal who was in Bob’s class at Art School and played with Franz Ferdinand in 2005/6, a shout — and he was up for it. You can spot his cameo… and, yes, that is us actually dancing”