GALLUS have shared their latest track ‘Eye to Eye’ – and we’re delighted to reveal it as our Radar Track of the Week. The son’g release is tied with the announcement of debut album ‘We Don’t Like the People We’ve Become’, which is set for release 9th June 2023 on Marshall Records.

Renowned for their boundless charisma and riotous performances, Gallus have been packing out venues across the UK, Europe and beyond for the past year – supporting the likes of Biffy Clyro and seizing attention at various festival showcases such as SXSW, The Great Escape and ESNS to name a few. With their reputation on the international stage starting to grow in notoriety, their growing momentum was reinforced by their Best Rock/Alternative win at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards in 2022.

Encapsulating the feeling of growing up with aspirations while balancing the excitement of opportunity with harsh realities, ‘Eye to Eye’ provides a pessimistic spin on the coming-of-age tale with jangly Stratocaster riffs and passionate vocal deliveries. Striking in its immediacy, the band pull absolutely no punches once again.

Guitarist and backing vocalist Eamon Ewins comments, “Eye To Eye was when I grew tired of the constant hoops I had to jump through when in search of a minimum wage job. Company values. Ethos. The cost of your own principles? The lowest wage a multimillion-pound company can get away with paying you. The song tries to express the frustration of having no autonomy or independence in the workplace. Shit work for shit wages, and you’ll do it with a smile.”

Speaking on the upcoming album, he added: The album’s title is from Sickness and Health, which best sums up the album’s mood and theme. It’s a coming-of-age tale, but with quite a pessimistic spin. Everything gets worse, you get older, then you’re dead… It’s not all doom and self-pity though” Ewins jests. “We wanted the album to be a cathartic, self-deprecating and uplifting journey, and we hope that we’ve achieved just that. Hopefully we’ve learned how to crack a smile by album 2.”

Upcoming dates for the indie-punks include a UK tour throughout the rest of March including London, Newcastle and Manchester, concluded by a inevitiably manic SWG3 headline in Glasgow.

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Check out the music video for Eye to Eye below!

Photo by Aodhan Gallagher