11703375_850833975005883_5720319705254182761_nAS far as modern day punk goes, there’s no denying that Dublin’s Girl Band are one of the most inventive and fresh acts to ply their trade within the parameters of the historic genre.

As opposed to paying homage to any of its originators, the four piece have carved out a niche of their own and produce a brand of abrasion unlike anything else out there.

With the arrival of their full length LP on Rough Trade edging ever closer, they’ve revealed the visuals for the utterly berserk ‘Paul.’

Claustrophobic and tense from the outset, the incessant drums and threatening vocals that are the hallmark of the track’s opening minutes soon give way to thrashing guitar and an air of genuine menace that is unsettling to say the least. A completely deranged effort that is sure to temporarily leave a considerable mark on your psyche, the track sees the band chart their protagonist’s gradual descent into a state of absolute psychosis.

Without a doubt one of their greatest achievements to date, ‘Paul’ is as amazingly manic as punk gets and will ensure that you’ll be keeping tabs on them from here on out.

Set against its equally bizarre video (which follows the song’s fictional namesake as he slowly becomes disillusioned with his job as a children’s TV show character), this effort is sure to leave the industry quaking for what madness shall be present on their debut. Entitled ‘Holding Hands With Jamie’, the LP will be released 25th September 2015 via Rough Trade Records.

Watch the video below: