GIRL RAY have followed up their brilliant debut single ‘Trouble’ with another indie pop gem titled ‘Where Am I Now’.

Without the boppy, upbeat rhythms of its predecessor, the track takes the form of a dreamy ballad this time around; more introspective in its delivery and with airs of wistfulness. Steady snare taps, fuzzy guitar rhythms and twinkling keys provide a fitting backdrop to Poppy Hankin’s lilted vocals; the wispy melodies given a warm glow by the presence of gorgeous harmonies, particularly on the lingering chorus. More than anything, the track’s appeal lies in its simplicity and heartfelt sincerity.

Classic pop meets lo-fi fuzz in Girl Ray’s breezy creations. Like ‘Trouble’, ‘Where Am I Now’ is a rough diamond but one that shows the band’s knack for an off-kilter but very well-crafted pop song. Having already generated a significant amount of interest in such a short space of time, it promises to be a bright future for the band who have joined forces with respected indie label Moshi Moshi. Their debut single  comes out on 25th November.

Check out the video below: