IT may have been several years in the making but it appears that ‘Haim Time’ is now in full effect. After retreating to the studio after the massive success of their debut album Days Are Gone, many were rightly worried that the sisters could be facing the dreaded ‘sophomore slump’; the phenomenon which leads bands that have attained everything they’d ever wanted with a phenomenal debut album to take their foot off the gas and deliver a lackluster follow-up.

Luckily for their diverse and widespread fanbase, they are showing no signs of this syndrome on the infectious ‘Want You Back.’

Loaded with the gorgeous vocal interplay that we’ve come to love from the band alongside heartfelt lyrics and the surprise inclusion of slap bass, the latest offering is sure to placate fans that had wondered whether they were heading off in a broodier new direction with ‘Right Now.’

Their new record Something To Tell You will be released on the 7th July.

Check out ‘Want You Back’ now: