EDINBURGH’s Hamish Hawk made his triumphant return this week with his latest single, ‘Angel Numbers’.

Following a successful 2021, the pop songwriter has opened his 2022 in typical fashion. Hamish Hawk’s music is honest, lyrically interesting and charming. ‘Angel Numbers’ marks an ambitious step for an ambitious artist, launching the listener through an anthemic and rousing chorus, with echoes of Scottish pop superstars of the past feeling ever-present.

Speaking about the track, Hamish said “Angel Numbers is an ode to the life less traditional. It takes a look at the sacrifices we all make in order to feel we belong. It’s a song that asks questions of accepted wisdom; it looks for get-out clauses in mortgage contracts and pokes holes in wedding dresses. It lives in the twists and turns in the out of the ordinary. If there’s no blueprint for any of this stuff, how are we supposed to know we’re doing it right? Are we all just kids in suits?”

Watch the incredible video below.

Andrew Pearson, guitarist and co-writer on the tune, spoke about how the video was captured. “With the video for Angel Numbers, I wanted to capture these two ideas: the biblical and the material. So we have angels and demons, heaven and hell, Jesus and the Jezebel represented by cheap nylon sheets and overly rough seamstresses. It’s a bit Phantom Thread meets Twin Peaks, Project Catwalk meets Ingmar Bergman but I hope it picks up the metaphorical and literal threads in the song as well as emphasising it’s strange, jerky rhythms.”

With new material set for later in 2022, there is much more to come from this very excising artist.