10616627_10153392843954099_825828049043897362_nWITH DEATH MAGIC, HEALTH have made one of the most forward-thinking and downright original album’s of not only this but perhaps the last few years; simultaneously bone-shattering in its abrasion and inundated with sweet pop moments that rival anything produced by one of today’s homogenised ‘stars.’

A record that is unquestionably not for the timid, the track’s accompanying visuals and promo material has been equally extroverted during their promotional campaign, beginning with the grotesque visuals that heralded the arrival of ‘NEW COKE’ earlier in the year. Seemingly looking to push their audiences to the limit in every sense, they’ve delivered the equally assaulting video for ‘STONEFIST.’

Brutal stabs of pummelling synth and the contrastingly lilting vocals of Jason Duzsik are the focal point of the track, an unrelenting affair that uses its calmer interludes to emphasise the raw power that they gleefully wield. Displaying the kind of zest for carnage that was presented on their earlier output yet refining it to allow specs of beauty to make their way through, ‘STONEFIST’ is something special.

The audaciousness of the accompanying music video is also to be admired, culminating in jarring images of the band with faces and physiques hat have been greatly altered by plastic surgery alongside shots of the procedures taking place. In case you were wondering, it’s not safe for work.

Watch the video below and get the details on HEALTH’s upcoming tour of the UK which includes a date at Glasgow’s STEREO:


25th October 2015- Kazimier, LIVERPOOL
26th October 2015- Stereo, GLASGOW 
27th October 2015- Gorilla, MANCHESTER 
28th October 2015- Heaven, LONDON