Hey Colossus_Radio Static High_Front_Final
originators of an overwhelming brand of doom laden psychedelia, Hey Colossus have been a constant in the landscape of the genre’s modern day incarnation since 2003.

Being ahead of the curve in a variety of different ways has always worked in their favour, resulting in the band becoming a relentless force that seldom relinquishes any momentum and constantly look to create new and transformative material.

Seemingly never ceasing to stop recording sessions since the release of In Black & Gold earlier in the year, they’ve revealed the scuzzy ‘Hop The Railings.’

Undertones of desert rock outfits such as Kyuss make their way to the forefront on this new composition, working in tandem with a motorik style rhythmic pace that never falters in intensity from bell to bell. One of the more easily accessible tracks that they’ve conjured up in recent years, ‘Hop The Railings’ slowly spirals into a vortex of shimmering, celestial synth and a deep seated undercurrent of drone.

The band’s new record shall be entitled Radio Static High and will be released via Rocket Recordings on the 2nd October 2015.

Listen to the track below: