FRESH from making their TENEMENT TRAIL debut a couple of weeks ago, HighSchool have returned with the release of new single ‘Only A Dream’.

The band relocated to London after a series of lockdowns in their hometown Melbourne, and have spent a considerable amount of time on the road with the likes of CHVRCHES, Wet Leg and Mitski. A long-time live favourite, ‘Only A Dream’ is urgent and infectious – driven by glittering synths and hazy guitars. Produced by Dan Carey of Speedy Wunderground, it shimmers with retro influences – toeing the line between nostalgic and familiar, and otherworldy and ethereal.

Evoking nights spent in a sweaty club night, it’s a brilliant return.

They say “The process of making a song – from composing to recording to releasing – usually takes us ages,” the band say. “We labour every detail and do like 30 mixes before we’re happy. In this sense, working with Speedy [Wunderground] has been a revelation. Completing the recording of an entire song in one day and completing the mix the next day was liberating. It taught us to be economical and concise, and not to sweat the small stuff. Dan [Carey] is a total visionary and an absolute pleasure to work with. We’re super stoked with the result.”

Check it out below.