band that TTV have championed since their origins as Hinds and one that continues to go from strength to strength over the course of 2016, Hinds’ rise through the ranks has been stratospheric and garnered them fans across the globe.

With debut album Leave Me Alone firmly acquainting music lovers with their joyful yet riotous brand of rock ‘n’ roll, the band have unveiled a new video for recent single ‘Easy.’

Remaining within the vein of lo-fi slacker pop that has accrued them such a massive and passionate following, ‘Easy’ is breezy yet tinged with an underlying feeling of discontent and  is driven by one of their most attention-grabbing riffs to date. Filled with punchy drumming and the band’s typical duelling vocals, it soon emerged as one of the finest tracks from their recent debut.

In contrast, its video does not harbour any similarity to the aesthetics that they’ve employed thus far in their career, with the band slowly descending into an unrefined state throughout the course of the video. Beginning with simple smudges of make-up, it soon sees the band with smoking profusely, letting spaghetti stumble from their mouths and shedding any notion of self-awareness.

Watch the new video below: