SOUTH London trio Honey Moon are back with an uplifting new track called ‘Stop and Listen’.

Known for their catchy indie-pop tunes, the trio are back to deliver the jangle-pop goodness on ‘Stop and Listen’- a track that channels their love of all things Motown into a stomping, feel-good indie ballad, full of strutting rhythms and catchy hooks.

A lyrical reflection on anxiety and times of trouble, they mask the darker subject matter with upbeat, playful melodies that will undoubtedly boost your serotonin levels – emerging defiant with the final triumphant horn section.

Speaking about the track, they say “It’s an upbeat stomper that tells the story of two people pulling in opposite directions throughout a fractious relationship. Born out of a period of negativity and frustration, writing and recording the song has been a cathartic process – one that has taken what was once a sensitive subject matter and bundled it into our own little sing-a-long anthem, all tied up with a soul-pop bow.”

“On a thematic level, “Stop and Listen” is for anyone who’s been through troubles and disagreements with friends, struggles with anxiety, control and inward reflection, but it’s also just for anyone who wants to dance!”

Listen below.

Photo by Kieran Riddiough