HONEYBLOOD’S return was impossible to ignore earlier this year when they blasted back onto the scene with the release of their explosive punk rock single ‘Ready for the Magic’. Now, in the run up to their extensive UK tour, they have shared a video for their fantastic recent single ‘Sea Hearts’.

Following on from the success of ‘Ready for the Magic’, the song sees the duo’s thunderous momentum continue with great powerful intent. Exuding that pulsing raw punk energy that we have come to love from the Glasgow band, ‘Sea Hearts’ propels forward with their signature fuzzed up, heavy guitar riffs and relentlessly infectious hooks.

Stina Tweeddale’s songwriting sounds more self-assured and snappy than ever before as her bold and defiant vocal delivery grabs you by the hand and takes you on a raucous tale of friendship. With its gang-like chanting and fierce attitude (“we don’t give a fuck, they’re not our friends”), the duo urge you to join them in throwing caution to the wind as they refuse to ‘let anything get in our way’.

Discussing the track, Stina said: “Sea Hearts is about that intense sort of friendship that makes you feel invincible. Together you can weather any heartbreak and in turn, cause havoc.”

Its thrilling menacing energy has been reinforced with the unveiling of a new cinematic video which recalls the creepy atmospherics of the popular programme ‘Stranger Things’. Following a sea witch creature who gatecrashes a house party with raucous consequences, the video comes out right in time for spooky Halloween season.

Frontwoman Stina Tweeddale talks about the making of the video: “We wanted to make something that ties in with the whole aesthetic story of the ‘Babes Never Die’ album. So we were lucky enough to be able to get Thomas James and his wonderful team onboard again. He took ideas from the song and transformed them into this amazing narrative. It was captivating to watch the sea witch come to life through the talent of the lead dancers and crazy costume prosthetics.”

Said to be one of the new album’s many stand-out tracks, this is bound to generate more excitement for the release of the emphatically named ‘Babes Never Die’ on November 4th. Sounding more defiant and thrilling than ever, the duo sound ready to burst as they get set to take on the world with this latest collection of songs.

Honeyblood are about to start their extensive UK and US tour which will culminate in a big homecoming show at Glasgow’s St Lukes on December 8th.