jagwar-ma-2016NOW this is a collaboration to get anyone’s pulse racing.

Preparing to the music world after an all too lengthy hiatus, Jagwar Ma’s invigorating comeback single ‘O B 1’ is one which firmly conveyed why we’d all been waiting so eagerly.

The only music to surface from their upcoming record as of yet, the band have made a move that’s sure to delight their vast Scottish following as they’ve handed the reins to JD Twitch of Sub Club icons Optimo for a mind-melding rework.

While the track’s core remains somewhat intact, Twitch has taken it upon himself to escort its futuristic textures to new heights and crafted a remix which simultaneously conjures up feelings of acid house’s heyday with its warped vocal samples and yet sounds cutting-edge.

Jagwar Ma will play Glasgow’s The Art School on the 20th October whilst Optimo will return to the hallowed dance haven of Sub Club on the 30th September alongside Brazil’s Selvagem.

Listen to the new remix below: