‘Esther’ is the latest single from Dundee’s Jeshua. A great follow-up to 2021’s Unreliabale Narrator, it sees the artist reimagine the track to mark the 30th Anniversary of Glasgow’s staple student ran label Electric Honey.

The melancholy lyrics are elevated with the addition of live drums,  giving the track livelier feel and summery warmth.

Written following the passing of his grandmother, Jeshua explores death and religion – but there’s also signs of hope in those glimmering dream-melodies.

“‘Esther’ isn’t the happiest song in the world, but it does have uplifting moments and the live drums definitely bring a lot more energy and lightness to it, which helps it skip along. It’s just a great addition and feels more like what I originally wanted it to be like, although the original has its own charm.

“Overall, the song develops and comes to conclusion. It’s more of a positive message than negative, but yeah, it kind of deals with both things. False hope can be a real thing if we believe in life after death, but that could be a positive thing as well. 

“My Gran was so religious and I think religion really comforted her in the stages where she’s facing death. So, yeah, there’s good behind it. Seeing as a young person as well, it’s food for thought.”

Listen to the track here: