JOSHUA GRANT has emerged from the shadows with the release of ‘Meet Me At The Bottom’.

Since last year’s ‘I Hate Goodbyes (Faces in the Crowd)’, Grant has been holed away in the studio, honing in on his craft and pushing his music into exciting new territories. And now he’s ready to showcase the fruits of his labour.

‘Meet Me At The Bottom’ feels like a significant step forward for the singer-songwriter. While the influence of alt-rock has been there before, the new single sees him kick things up another gear – adding new layers of synths and electric guitars to the brooding concoction. It’s as if he’s amped everything up by ten gears – and it sounds absolutely massive.

Lyrically, he sounds more incisive too – exploring his mental health struggles with more vulnerability. Of course, the catchy melodies and anthemic choruses are still there – but his depiction of his uphill struggle really hits home over the emphatic alt-rock instrumental.

With a new EP on the way, more releases are expected before the end of the year. Keep your eyes peeled.

Produced and co-writted by Johnny Madden and Jamie Holmes, tune into the new single below.