SHELL is latest single release from multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter Juan Laforet.

Depicting feelings of losing control of your emotions in an irrational manner, a sense of powerful commentary is apparent throughout the track, referencing the current state of affairs. His intensely raw and uncompromising sound of passionate vocal delivery accompanied by intricately layered guitar tracks results in carefully controlled chaos.

Capturing the idea of being consumed by passion and impulsiveness, Laforet makes reference to social events where reason and restraint are often overshadowed by emotions.

The two-track single includes a haunting cover of Ghost Town by The Specials, where Laforet’s unique sound can be heard reimagining the ska cultural classic.

With a musical background that dates back to his teenage years in Spain, the former Quiche frontman has experience playing some of Scotland’s most notable festivals in Tenement Trail and Eden Festival.

Check out ‘Shell’ below.