NEW Glasgow outfit Julia’s Bureau have released their debut single ‘Signature Look’ via HIYA LOVE Recordings.

Initially formed in 2020, the band is comprised of Euan Davidson (guitar, vocals), Tom Gilbert (guitar), Gav Murray (bass) and Jo Whitby (drums) – each bringing with them their own influences and experience from previous projects.

A compelling introduction, ‘Signature Look’ was written during lockdown, perfectly encapsulating  the intense personal reflection that came with it – their lyrics imbued with the kind of fatalism and self-doubt that all of us could relate to at the time.

The track is anything but wallowing though; instead, the instrumentation is lent a kind of raw, sprightly warmth thanks to its organic production in Green Door Studios.

Vocalist and guitarist Euan Davidson says: ‘Signature Look’ was written during Covid lockdown, and was inspired by a period of reflection when it felt like the world was crumbling: “It’s inspired by the sort of vague, fatalistic thoughts I was having – rather than being worried about my health, I was thinking about everything I had or hadn’t achieved in my life, and the vain, superficial boxes I felt like I needed to tick.

“The lyrics are about really vain fatalism, the sort of turning 30 “What have I done with my life?” questions I was asking myself, but in the context of being locked in my old flat. It’s a lament to the time I felt like I was wasting, even though everyone was in the same boat. I think a lot of folk can relate to being in that weird headspace over the last few years.”

Check out the tune below.

Photo by Mel Reeve