creative and willing to undertake a project of any nature that may take her fancy, The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s enigmatic frontwoman Karen O continues to keep her fanbase and the music industry as a whole on their toes.

Having previously demonstrated her ability to craft tracks which perfectly capture the thematic concerns of a feature film with her work on Spike Jonze’s ‘Where The Wild Things Are’, O has now been enlisted to provide music for the upcoming game ‘Rise Of The Tomb Raider’, revealing the spellbinding ‘I Shall Rise’ via Spotify.

Luscious and soothing yet subtly imposing, ‘I Shall Rise’ is a breathtaking number which is filled with all of the dramatic flair which you’d expect from the enchanting artist. Utilising her instantly recognisable voice as tenderly as she did upon classic Yeah Yeah Yeahs track ‘Maps’ but in a much less forlorn fashion, the track is an incredibly muscular composition that hints toward industrial style percussion and Scott Walker-esque balladry by the time it reaches its logical conclusion.

Released via Julian Casablanca’s Cult Records, check out the track below: