THE first you thing you notice about ‘Shout Love’, is the incredibly unique voice at the centre of it. It’s a rare thing to come across a vocal so bold, unique and immediately engaging.

Inspired by the likes of James Blake, Moses Sumney and Kelly Lee Owens, Kathleen Frances is utterly transfixing on hew new single ‘Shout Love’. Finding an incredible balance between darkness and light, the track feels constantly in motion, like a gentle sweeping wave carried by rippling piano melodies and gorgeous stings.  Attempting to fight against the dark thoughts that overwhelm, her spine-tingling vocals guide us on a path out of the gloom. It’s really something special.

“This was written on my bed in the middle of the night,” Frances explained in a press statement. “The summer of the pandemic. I was feeling pretty low and anxious during this time, probably like many other people.”

She continued: “I was letting the shit get to me and I wrote this as an almost aggressive positive response. I chose, in that moment, to marvel at the absurdity of the world. Rather than instilling existential dread it inspired a drive to shout out whatever I wanted to bring/do/be in this life, no holding back.”