FRESH from supporting Kassidy at the Kelvingrove Bandstand last night, kitti has returned in emphatic fashion with the release of ‘Must Be Somethin”.

Marking her first release of 2023, and the first glimpse of her debut album which is slated for release in 2024, ‘Must Be Somethin’ is a powerful return that encapsulates everything we love about the singer-songwriter.

Accompanied by a talented troupe of instrumentalists, including a four-piece brass section, she pays homage to her primary influences like Rufus, Led Zeppelin and Betty Davis – her incredible vocals set against heavy guitars and an insatiable groove that’s impossible to sit still to.

And as we’ve seen on previous tracks, kitti has an unparalleled ability to capture raw, undiluted catharsis on record – the track begins with her feeling stuck in a rut as she seeks an external entity or energy to guide her out the darkness. What transpires is an explosive, towering performance that is as musically virtuosic as it is emotionally captivating.

Tune in below.