KITTI’S debut EP  ‘Young, Careless and Free’ is a life-affirming tale of self-discovery and self-acceptance; one that has been years in the making but is so immediate in its impact that you’re hooked from the very opening bars.

Founded on an ethos of self-love and a desire to make a real difference through her music, the EP explores both the ups and downs of life – the uplifting and the painful, the personal and the universal – as she reflects on her own journey of personal growth and in her own words “the contrast between my good and bad sides”.

Rooted in the resonant sounds of soul and jazz yet distinctly contemporary in execution, the level of talent and creative ingenuity displayed in the Paisley singer-songwriter’s first extended player illustrates exactly why she deserves to be acclaimed far and wide, in locations that stretch far beyond the reaches of our own nation’s celebrated music scene.

With a voice that is unhindered by genre, time or place, it almost goes without saying that Kitti’s phenomenal vocals sit front and centre of every piece of music she lays her hands on but when delivered against a backdrop of sumptuous neo-soul and nu-jazz, the results are truly breath-taking. Armed with a depth of character that feels so rare nowadays, she professes the importance of self-love over a slinking groove on ‘kandy kissin’ while ‘Chasing The Crowd’ sees her deliver a stunning sermon on body positivity and self-acceptance. Transporting us to a bygone age, her stirring rendition of the Grease classic ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ gains a well-deserved spot on the EP while the collection is completed by brand new opener ‘Rain’.

With airs of Kali Uchis and Tyler the Creator’s ‘Flower Boy’ era , the track also features the unmistakeable nu-jazz touch of Glasgow-based instrumentalist Liam Shorthall (corto alto) and the perfectly pitched rap stylings of ZEBEDE’s Leah Cleaver. As funky guitar licks, brass flourishes, warm keys and more weave in and around Kitti’s beautifully wistful vocals, there’s something so effortless in the way it all assembles to create one of her most versatile and impressive cuts to date.

Along with the EP’s release, she shared the following message “This EP highlights the highs and lows of life for me. In my adolescence, I’ve been reckless and learned my lessons from past experiences, and now, I continue to blossom in self love, self acceptance and gratitude.”

My dream one day is that I will have a big enough platform in which to share and spread positivity among us through music. Issues like mental health and body positivity always have and will be something I feel passionate about! I want to make music that makes people feel sexy and free. Enjoy this EP and dance like no-ones watching!”

Check out ‘Young, Careless and Free’ below.