FOLLOWING his 2018 Scottish Album of the Year shortlisted album, Kobi Onyame has made a long-awaited return with the announcement of its follow-up ‘DON’T DRINK THE POISON’ – slated for release on 26th November

With the news that this will be his final full-length record, he said it is representative of “a creative output during the most confusing and yet beautiful couple of years of his life”. He goes on to say, “It’s a warning that not everything in our socially and morally corrupt society that feels or looks good is actually good. I guess its the old saying that not everything that glitters is gold and sometimes, it glitters because its poison”

Known for continuously pushing creative boundaries at the forefront of Scotland’s thriving hip hop scene, the new record sees him push the parameters of his sound once more – with features that include Malawi’s soulful George Kalukusha, Ghana’s fast rising star Worlasi on ‘Beautiful Curse’ and Ghanaian/American hip-life pioneer Bayku on the powerful ‘Trouble’ as well as Glasgow’s Nathan Somevi and longtime collaborator, Ghana’s producer/artist Jayso.

Armed with powerful social commentary and a myriad of vital themes, the album has been previewed by new single ‘MY PRAYER’ – a track that grabs your attention from the very outset.

A vibrant, joyous display led by rhythmic handclaps and high-energy percussion, an enthralling woodwind riff guides us through the track until the big bass drum kicks in and lifts the whole thing up a notch. Featuring Highlife-inspired call-and-response vocals,  Kobi’s energetic vocal performance is absolutely captivating – “See no colour in your brother…” he calls, in an emphatic statement of unity and togetherness.

It’s a triumphant return, while you can preorder the new album here.