KOHLA has announced the release of her debut album ‘Romance’ on 8th September, along with lead single ‘Lovebites’.

Setting the tone for the upcoming album, the dreamy track sees Kohla’s ethereal vocals delivered against silky neo-soul flourishes and smooth R&B beats. Striking in its minimalism from the outset, it gradually unfolds with layers of nostalgia and warm, uplifting tones – the perfect backdrop for her intimate reflections.

Crafting a sound that feels intensely personal yet wholly inviting, there’s a spiritual air to the track as it soars to new orchestral heights.

Speaking about the new album, Kohla said: “I’ve always felt incredibly fascinated by the concept of romantic love; how cinematic and luxurious it feels to be adored by another human being. How rare it is. And how devastating it can feel to lose.
“I wrote ‘Romance’ whilst enduring a summer of filmic heartbreak. In desperate need of an emotional release, I turned to my piano for comfort. I wrote personally and vulnerably, for what felt like the very first time. Within eight weeks, ‘Romance’ had written itself.
“In hindsight, ‘Romance’ feels very much to me like a ‘coming-of-age’ album. From a female perspective, I realised I had grown up with a blissful naive idea of romance, whether formed through Disney or education. I felt impassioned to detach from this oppressive ideology, where women require a sub-standard partner to provide safety or validation. It feels emotional to let go of the little girl who wanted to believe in so much. But it’s left me with a valuable perspective – the love I found for myself is worth so much more

Kohla will celebrate the new album’s release with a full-band performance at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh on 9th September.