CREEPING their way into your consciousness with a brutally seductive air, L.A. Witch emanate the intoxicating smell of the California desert on their latest track ‘Kill My Baby Tonight’.

Haunting, sultry and hazily nostalgic, the three-piece demand your attention with every thumping bassline and twanging guitar on this dark and beguiling number. With a curl of the lip, Sade Sanchez’s wicked vocals evoke a sense of impending doom over a ferocious backdrop of intense surf-rock as the reverb-drenched melodies build up to a dramatic conclusion.

Fusing elements of 60s garage and hazy desert rock, ‘Kill My Baby Tonight’ is a compelling introduction to a band who are starting to cut their own path. They said: “We never really thought we would or could release an album.We were really just finding each other and finding our sound.”

Along with the track, the band have announced plans for their self-titled debut album which will be released on 8th September via Suicide Squeeze Records. They will stop off in Glasgow on 21st September as part of a short UK tour when they will play Mono.

Check out the track below.