LINZI CLARK has shared a new song called ‘Sea Song’.

The new single arrives following the vinyl re-release of her acclaimed debut album ‘All I Have Now’ via Olive Grove Records in November 2022.

And after being crowned ‘Best Acoustic’ at the 2022 SAMAs and taking her songs on the road alongside Broken Chanter, ‘Sea Song’ marks her first release of 2023.

Set against the soothing sound of waves, the track is a stunning return. Running in at just over a minute in a half, it’s striking in its simplicity – her vocals and guitar taken from a phone recording before the addition of some atmospheric strings. The raw nature of the mix only heightens the emotion as she explores themes of death and grief – the cyclical nature of the song alluding to a sense of inevitability and universality.

She says “The final mix includes vocals and guitar recorded on my phone. I sent this over to my producer, Bovine, and he added in some atmospheric strings. We agreed that this should be the final take”.

“With most of my songs, I hope for those listening to make their own interpretation of the song. It’s simple in nature but is weighted in themes of death and grief, that sense of loss is a universal feeling that is so intense yet feels impossible to describe, I used a simple structure to try and capture that feeling. There always tends to be an element of hope in songs so it’s not all doom and gloom”

“Bovine and I filmed a very simple 1 shot music video to accompany the song, I can’t wait to share the visuals to paint the fuller picture of this song”

“ I’ve been working on some new material, so this feels like nice closure on the ‘All I Have Now’ world which holds such a special place in my heart. Sea Song was originally included as a bonus track for those that bought the album on vinyl, but now that we’re 6 months on from the vinyl release I wanted to share it digitally too.’

Check it out below.

Photo by Bovine