FOLLOWING the announcement of her debut album ‘All I Have Now’ which is slated for release on 5th November, Linzi Clark has shared a new preview track called ‘With You’.

After ‘The Kitchen’ and ‘Balancing Act’, the new song is another example of Linzi’s deeply personal yet universally relatable style of writing as she reflects on the tumultuous experience of falling in love – the highs, the lows, the complexities, the fears and vulnerabilities.

Led by her heavenly falsetto and built around the climactic chorus hook ‘I only wanna be with you’, it’s a track that unveils new depths and revelations with each beautifully written verse. Enhanced with sweeping strings and choral backing vocals thanks to producer Bovine, it’s a journey of personal growth that pays off in the end with a beautifully orchestral finale – one that feels wholly cathartic and life-affirming.

“With You is the love ballad moment from my album. It’s strange in that it has a classic love song feel and is uplifting at points, but ultimately is actually a bit heartbreaking. It’s about how messy love can be and longing to be with someone no matter how complicated things are.

“It’s a bit of a journey. I wanted to show different stages in each verse, the sense of safety (“I lay down on your bed it takes away the edge, softening the blow, protecting all I know”) the insecurities it can pull to the surface ( ‘‘I hate how much you’ve seen, the ugly underneath, the tricky side to me, the messy in-between, the hardest parts to clean) and the vulnerability of someone knowing so much about you (‘Now that we are drunk, shower me with truth, hitting where it hurts, lips are getting loose, the accuracy worse, it’s gospel, it’s true’)

“I wanted to show the personal growth you can experience within a relationship and realising that you need to find love within yourself first before reaching that safe feeling of contentment, kind of like what RuPaul says. (If you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?)

“This sense of longing to feel content and at peace is a theme within a lot of my songwriting. I think now that I am getting older, I’m a little less impatient about finding this immediately and instead I’m open to finding the answers within myself first through writing lots of sad girl songs.

“I hope that those listening can relate to some of the themes and find comfort in what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming emotion to process or can belt it out while thinking of the person they fancy.  Thanks to Bovine’s beautiful instrumentation (especially the strings!) I’ve got the big love ballad this drama queen has always wanted to have. I hope you can join me in taking five minutes out to feel all the feels.”

Listen below.