BOLD, wicked and utterly irrepressible; Little Barrie are back and they’re sounding more inspired than ever.

Following the release of a highly addictive teaser track ‘Love or Love’ at the end of last year, the band have confirmed the release of their fifth studio album Death Express via Non Delux. Before it drops on 7th July, the band are gearing up for its release with another tantalising preview by way of lead single ‘Produkt’.

Capturing the essence of a band who are very much at the top of their game, ‘Produkt’ is a highly charged piece of rock & roll which features some insatiably groove-laden basslines, tireless rhythms and incendiary guitar licks. Occasionally veering off with a psychedelic swirl of vocals, the track is another example of the band’s finely tuned blend of classic songwriting and brazen originality.

To celebrate the new album’s release, Little Barrie will head out on an extensive UK tour which will bring them to Glasgow on 14th September when they play the Attic Bar in the Garage.