THERE are few artists in Scotland right now who are able to articulate the most inexplicable parts of the human experience with such beauty and grace than Lizzie Reid.

The Glaswegian singer-songwriter is fast becoming a master of her craft, pairing her thoughtful musings and careful arrangements with Oliver Barton Wood’s loving and warm production.

We’re therefore delighted to hear that her new EP ‘Mooching’ is on the way, out on 27th July via sevenfoursevensix. After her SAY Award nominated EP ‘Cubicle’ focused on her first same-sex relationships, this new collection is said to explore her mental health struggles – inspired by the term ‘Mooching’ which she’s taken as a lesson not to rely on others, but to find comfort in herself.

Following on from ‘Bible’, our second preview of the EP is new single ‘How Do I Show My Love?’. Like all of her work thus far, it’s arrestingly beautiful and deeply touching – channelling feelings of grief, pain and worry over a moving piano melody. Exploring her struggle to express herself, it’s a deeply intimate piece of music – heightened by the piano creaks and groans, and the quiet vocal harmonies. Without bowing under the pressure of such a huge question, there is a sense of warmth and reassurance as the song reaches its conclusion – as if love will win in the end.

She says ““This is another break up song but over time it has taken on new meaning from its original intention. Over the past few years life has been pretty harsh for a lot of people and when I sing this song it makes me feel how hard it has been to stay connected and express my feelings for certain people I care about. I find it hard at the best of times to communicate properly in a way that I would like but that can feel impossible when times are hard and people are forced to be apart.”

Tune in below.

Photo by Matilda Hill-Jenkins